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                     HAPPY 2017

As our cycling season begins, we hope everyone is putting in those base miles in preparation for the long season ahead of us.   The Temperature is definitely not allowing us to get out there often. But nothing will stop a true Cyclist from competing. This year sees the return of our W.S. United's Roubaix Race Series which will begin the first Thursday in April and running through the last Thursday in July. Hope to see you all then but in the meantime keep on training 

     Our Thursdays Annual Roubaix Cycling Series is Just months away and i hope you are putting in those miles

          To everyone competing for any overall prices in each category must!!
               compete in the last race, to be qualified for any overall prices.

                     The Floyd Bennett Annual Graveyard Cycling Series.
                            Starts the first Sunday in August and ends,
                                       the last Sunday in October.

           Don't forget to register on
for all of your
            2017 .W.S. UNITED RACES

Sportsmanship            Teamwork           Strength            Character           Discipline

      Our league is registered as a non-profit organization. We appreciate the generous support of the community, local merchants,
      and civic organizations.

WS United Cycling Club

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