Accessible theatre for marginalized creatives

About Black Ink Theatre Co.

Who We are

A theatre company under the 501c3 nonprofit Wanderer Speaks United made up of theatre professionals of all types (actors, directors, writers, designers, etc.) who are dedicated to celebrating Black people, stories and abilities.


To celebrate Black excellence theatrically and by way of education while making theatre and the knowledge of it— in all aspects of theatre production and management— accessible and monetizable for youth and adults.


Accessible theatre for marginalized creatives.

Our Team

Cydnee A. Reese

Founder and Artistic director

How we can help you

Emerson Ross

Technical and production coordinator

How we can help you

Kimberly McLaurian

Development director

How we can help you

Lisa Geist

Promotional Videographer

Abri Geist

Lighting Designer


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Whether you are an actress/actor, crew member or supporter and lover of the arts, there is a place for you at Black Ink Theatre Company and we value and need you the same! Please celebrate Black excellence theatrically with us and help us make all aspects of theatre accessible.