Wanderer Speaks United supports both artists and community by utilizing art to raise awareness of and funds for those in need.

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About us

Wanderer Speaks United is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports both artists and community by utilizing art to raise awareness of and funds for those in need. We believe that art is a key to understanding, understanding is a key to unity and unity is the key to a better world. Art (and artists) brings people together in a manner that most people, places and things cannot. This allows individuals of differing backgrounds, belief systems, and socioeconomic status to establish common ground.

Ways to Get Involved



Support artists by purchasing art, merchandise, commissioned work and products. When you buy from artists affiliated with Wanderer Speaks United, you are also pouring into those in need.



Wanderer Speaks United prides itself on providing artistic experiences for the community! You benefit by attending, artists benefit by having another opportunity to present their craft and those in need benefit, because Wanderer Speaks United and its artists are committed to utilizing art to ensure that they do by providing funds for and awareness of the issues they face.



Wanderer Speaks United values community! Come volunteer with us when we are out serving the community. If you are an artist, there are various volunteer opportunities for you as well. If you excel at administrative tasks or outreach, let us know that you’d like to get involved. If you have a heart for art and community, we have a place just for you!



We have designed a platform that makes giving back simple, affordable and mutually beneficial. Make a one-time donation online or at an event, donate in support of a campaign, or join a donor group.

Join our Collective

Wanderer Speaks: An Artist Collective is an opportunity for artists to be a part of a team that is centered on their development and success. If you are an artist seeking direction; who already knows your direction, but desires assistance on the next steps; simply seeking community, networking and opportunities, this is the place for you. Fill out the Artist Information Form and send it along with a photo, bio and either portfolio, resume or the like to You will receive more information and the Wanderer Speaks United team will review your submission and decide how we can best serve you! Please see this list for examples of services we offer to artists.


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May 8, 2023

Hire Us

Artists and art lovers alike can benefit from the services Wanderer Speaks United and its artists offer. Artists can find community, support, services and more! Art lovers can commission work, learn how to create with various art mediums and purchase art that is available.

Support our Mission

With your help, Wanderer Speaks United can continue to support both the community and artists. We support the needs of the community by helping those experiencing homelessness; battered women and children; in education, health and wellbeing; and so much more. Additionally, we are invested in the arts and therefore the artists behind it. We provide them with guidance, assistance and opportunities. You will evidently and directly see the difference your support makes. Join us in the unification of the world through art. You Can Change the World!