Cydnée Alyxzan

Cydnée Alyxzan

Singer-Songwriter, Producer

Cydnée Alyxzan is a singer-songwriter from Kansas City, MO. although she grew up singing in  her church’s children’s choir, Cydnée’s music career really began when she was in 5th grade  and finally able to play in her school’s band. After telling her mom she wanted to play the  drums and, in response, being given the option to play the flute or not be in band, she started  playing the flute and fell in love with music in a new way. She received private instruction at the  University of Missouri- Kansas City Conservatory Academy. After a year of solely playing the  flute, she picked up the alto saxophone and played that in the school band rather than the  flute. She quickly earned first chair. Her musical interests grew and she ventured from classical  music focus into the world of jazz. She was fascinated with improvisation. The combination of  classical training and her new interest in improvisation, sparked the passion of composition.  Cydnée composed her first original work at the age of 12. When she changed schools, there  was no longer a band for her to play in. She never lost her love for music despite her  opportunities drastically decreasing. She began teaching herself how to play guitar in 2013.  Her love of both music and poetry united and she has been writing original music ever since.  So far, Cydnée Alyxzan has written music for and with producers, musicians and artists from  three different countries, and various states within the United States of America. She has yet to  release a full length album of her own, but has released singles and an EP on all streaming  platforms. She has a new EP releasing soon!

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