Recording Session at Lavender Lounge Studios

Record your music, voice overs and more at Lavender Lounge Studios in Wichita, KS! $50/hour with a two hour minimum and a 50% deposit due at booking (prices displayed and charged at checkout are initial deposit only). You are welcome to bring your own engineer or book one of ours, but be advised that engineers may have their own rates as well. Collective Artists, remember to book directly through your rep to avoid standard charges and to ensure you are booked with the engineer with whom you are partnered. Upon arrival, all parties, please wear a mask until the representative opening the studio has left. During your session time, use your own discretion. There will be a $10 discount applied to the session if all individuals present have proof of COVID vaccination. If all individuals have proof of negative PCR COVID test results--from within 48hours prior to the session--a $5 discount will be applied. If you all have both, a $20 discount will be applied to the session. Smoking is only allowed outside of the studio and there will be a $10 smoking fee per session. When booking a session, first choose the Two Hour Recording session service, then for each additional hour desired, add a One Hour Session service to your cart. If you have questions or would like help booking, please don't hesitate to reach out via our Contact page and a member of our team would be glad to assist you!
$ 50.00 USD

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